Booth Cost

Participation Cost (raw space)

Section ASection BSection C
2,200 Yuan/m21,700 Yuan/m21,300 Yuan/m2

Price Description

1.Booth fees are based on Renminbi.Foreign currency shall be settled based on the exchange rate on the date of payment (based on the bid price of such foreign currency of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China on such date);

2.Section A booths are at positions nearer to the main entrance and main passage of the exhibition halls,and sections B and C can be done in the same manner;

3.The raw space from 36㎡,and shell scheme booths from 9㎡;

4.Construction fee of the shell scheme booth shall be 100Yuan/㎡;

5.Members of the Printing and Printing Equipment lndustries Association of China and Guangdong Printing Association can enjoy price discount available to menbers;

6.Enterprises that sign the contract and pay the earnest money before April 30,2018 can have 10% off for raw space;enterprises that sign the contract and pay the earnest money before August 31,2018 can have 5% off for raw space;

For details,please refer to “Exhibitors” section of our official website.