Show Review

Review of Print China 2015

The Third International Printing Technology Exhibition of China (Guangdong) or Print China 2015, which attracted much attention from the industry, opened grandly on April 7 to 12, 2015. With the kind attention and careful guidance of the competent departments of Chinese governments at all levels and thanks to the great support and active participation of exhibitors and professional buyers from at home and abroad, Print China 2015 has turned out to be a high-level exhibition of the world printing industry, a distinctive, innovative and brand-oriented one that features creative idea, substantial content, improved service and pioneering work. The expected goal has been fully reached. The success of the event has further contributed positively to the sustained and healthy development of the printing business in China and the world at large.


Designed to offer exhibitors and buyers with professional, efficient and high-quality service, Print China 2015 has been organized under the theme of green, efficiency, digitalization and intelligentization. Led by technology and driven by innovation, the exhibition has up to 140,000 sqm of display area, increasing by 16.67% over the previous session and taking up virtually the entire venue of Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. 1,328 exhibitors (of which about 34.8% are foreign exhibitors) from 28 countries and regions have participated in the event, an increase of 5.31% over the previous session. Attendance of professional buyers has hit a record high of 206,154 visits, up by 20.38% from Print China 2011 and spanning 146 countries and regions worldwide. This includes 68 Chinese buyer groups mobilized by media and professional associations from various Chinese provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 80 overseas buyer groups organized by printing and packaging associations, trade promotion agencies and major printing enterprises from various foreign countries. 


The show has gathered virtually all top manufacturers of the world printing equipment sector, with a full display of cutting-edge printing equipment and apparatus, as well as the latest printing solutions for the industry. It has offered to professional buyers from at home and abroad a grand feast of top products and technologies of the world printing business. Upon request of various exhibitors for enhancing the transactional function of the exhibition, Print China 2015 has been extended to last six days, making it the second largest printing show in the world by exhibition period, only behind Drupa of Germany. Throughout the event, the exhibition venue has been crowded with people and the transactions have been really hot. Many exhibitors have said excitedly that this session of Print China had brought them to the largest number f clients than any other session they’ve ever joined. The trade results of Print China 2015 have far exceeded the expectation. According to preliminary statistics, Print China 2015 has delivered a total trade volume of nearly 6 billion RMB (intended transactions included), an increase of 20% or so over Print China 2011. What’s more, Print China 2015 has surpassed The 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (“China Print 2013”) held in Beijing in 2013 to become the largest exhibition in China and the second largest in the world, only behind Drupa of Germany. All in all, Print China 2015 has proven to be the largest and most influential event of the world printing industry that year, demonstrating the highest level and the best result.


In the course of the exhibition when elites of the world printing sector gathered in Dongguan, the sponsor of Print China 2015 has made the most of this opportunity to launch over 60 commendations, seminars, international fellowship activities and technical exchanges. They include The Awarding Ceremony of The 5th China Print Awards, The 3rd International Forum on Printing Technology Development, Global Print 2015 Annual Conference, Asia Print Membership Conference, The Indian Day, and China-South Korea Printing Fraternity. All this has offered the proper guidance and momentum for sustained and sound development of the world printing industry, winning active participation and wide acclaim from the printing communities both in China and abroad.